Title : Guernsey (2005)

Movie Information

Genre....................:     Drama
Stars......................:     Maria Kraakman, Fedja van Huêt, Johanna ter Steege, Frank Vercruyssen
Director..................:     Nanouk Leopold
Writers...................:     Nanouk Leopold
Release Date........:     25 Aug 2005
Original Runtime..:     1 h 30 min
Release Runtime..:    1 h 23 min
Rated Under...........:     16

Movie Plot

Anna is a is a quiet, slightly timid woman of thirty. She lives with her family in the suburbs of a major city. Anna and her husband Sebastiaan have a calm and steady relationship. Before they got married he was her older sisters lover. Now all three seem good friends. Anna is an irrigation specialist who often travels to developing countries. During one of her visits abroad a female colleague commits suicide. The woman has hung herself. Anna finds her. Even though Anna wasnt close with the woman, her death makes a big impact on her. No one seems to know why she has killed herself. For the first time, Anna realizes that you can remain unknown even to those you have most dear. When the dead woman's husband very quickly finds a new wife, Anna's image is confirmed. It is as if the dead woman never existed. At home Anna doesnt tell anyone about the incident with the dead woman. Instead she begins to observe her husband and her family and asks herself what she means to them. Guernsey is the story of a woman who suddenly looks at her own life and wonders how she became miles apart from the people she is closest to.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: MKV
Video Codec: x264
Audio Codec: AAC
Video: 720 x 304, 25 fps,
Audio: Dutch, 48.100 kHz, AAC, 2 ch

Subtitles: English, русские (Softcoded)
Перевод: Отсутствует

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